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Ever since I have used Halo 4 Guru,my gameplay has improved immensely. Well layed out and easy to follow

Rob Martins, Long Beach - CA


Dominate The Campaign And Then DESTROY
Online As We Give You A COMPLETE Written
Guide To Halo 4 & Bonus HD Video Tips!


Also Updated For Castle Map Pack DLC

Date: 23/10/2016
Dear Friend,

Welcome to Halo 4 Guru!

You have just found the ULTIMATE guide to DOMINATING Halo 4 anywhere on the web!

The Halo 4 Guru guide has been put together by an ELITE team of Halo players!

We have covered every inch of Halo 4 so you get the latest, deadliest most sought after techniques anywhere!

You may have seen other guides out there?

That’s fine but we are the ONLY guide that provides REAL proof of our skills!

We Mastered Halo 3:

Take a look at these stats from Halo 3:

However the above are JUST stats from Halo 3 right?

This site is called Halo 4 Guru...

Well if we say so ourselves we are getting quite a rep with Halo 4 as well!

Check out these stats:

Capture The Flag Stats On Halo 4 From A Member Of Our Team...

30 Kills Without Dying - We Can Show YOU How To Do This:

How About Most Medals In A Day?


Take A Look At Our Stats On Slayer With ONLY 7 Hours Playtime...

This is not just some quick put together guide with GENERAL info!

We give you a COMPLETE written guide to the game that you can download and view anywhere. Also included is BONUS HD Video Tips so you can actually see how to dominate!

Want Some REAL Proof Of Our Skills?

Check Out Our Skills On King Of The Hill - You Want A Streak Like This???

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Check Out Our Skills In Big Team Slayer:

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The question is:

"Do You Want To Play Like This?"

Halo 4 Guru can give you the skills to dominate online in ALL game modes!

We give you a full walkthrough for the game and tutorial guides and videos to make sure you are a MUCH better player

Put us to the test today...

Let Me Introduce:



If you are new to Halo 4 consider this section boot camp!

We explain how to start off on a winning streak and basic tactics that will keep you alive in the field!

Even if you are an experienced Halo player a look through the boot camp section may give you a few pointers!

How To Ensure You Are Set For The Campaign!
How To Make Sure You Are Ready For Multiplayer!
A Full Overview Of Different Game Modes And How Spartan Ops Works!
Comprehensive Weapon Guide!
Terminals Guide!
Enemies Guide – We Show You The Enemies You Will Be Doing Battle With!
Vehicles Guide – We Give You A Guide To The UNSC Vehicles As Well As The Covenant Vehicles!
Career & Challenges Guide!
Specializations Guide!


First thing is first! You want to complete the Campaign on Legendary and get the “Legend of 117” Achievement and even better if you do it solo you will get the “Lone Wolf Legend Achievement!”.

Halo 4 Guru gives you  an extensive guide to the campaign missions for all difficulty levels so you can unlock those achievements and play the game the way it was meant to be played!
Get A Complete Walkthrough All The Way To Legendary Difficulty And 100% Completion!
A Guide That Will Show You Where You Need To Be And At What Time With Which Weapon!
Maps And Bosses Guide As You Go Along!
Which Weapons To Use And How To Use Them!
Easter Eggs, Unlockables And Secrets Along The Way For 100% Completion!


This is where Halo 4 Guru really will help you!

We provide you with a comprehensive multiplayer guide covering ALL online game modes so you will be unstoppable!

You will get written guides that will give you tactics, choke points, multiplayer lessons and more.

HD video tips to back it up by some of the best players in the world!

Comprehensive Multiplayer Map Guide.
Weapons Guide For Each Map!
Tactics Guide So You Dominate!
Which Weapons To Use And How To Use Them!
Custom Load outs Guide – You Need The Best Load Outs To Compete!
Guide To Infinity Ordnance And Personal Ordnance And What You Have To Do To Get The Best Weapons Online!
Best Spawn Locations For Weapons!
Armor Abilities Guide – You Need To Know How To Use The Abilities To Get The Edge!
Passive Abilities Guide – We Give You A Full Guide To The Tactical Package And Support Upgrades!
Unlock EVERYTHING – Load outs, Weapons, Emblems, Armor Types And More Fast…
Multiplayer Game Mode Guide And The Changes You NEED To Know About!

What Is Halo 4 Guru Really?

Halo 4 Guru will give you a comprehensive, in-depth guide to all aspects of Halo 4 but the guide is MUCH more than that!

Instead of just TELLING you about the game you will have a guide that will actually make you a BETTER player!

Just take a look at some of the stats from Halo 3 and 4 at the top of the page!

We also give you some video previews showing our skills.

In short we can make you one of the top players FAST!

Yes, it takes practice but there are also some techniques you can use to start dominating fast...

This is NOT just a guide that has been put together with details about the game – you will be learning from some of the BEST players in the world!

As well as learning how to unlock everything in the campaign where Halo4 Guru really comes in to its own is with the multiplayer guide!

If you want to be up there and hold your own with the best apart from having some pretty EPIC skills you will also need to know:

Game Types – What To Do And How To Play!
Game Maps – This Is VITAL! Choke Points, Spawning Spots And Which Weapons Work Best!
Load outs – You Need To Know How The NEW Load outs Work And Which You Need For Each Map!
We give you ALL this info and more to make you a BETTER PLAYER!

Halo 4 Guru does NOT CONTAIN:

Any Cheats!
Any Hacks!
Any Tricks!

Halo 4 Guru Is For Players That Want To:

Up Their Game And Stop Getting Owned!
Play With The Best And Beat The Best!
Play The Game The Way It Was Meant To Be Played!

This is your chance to get access to the ONLY Halo 4 guide made by REAL gamers!


How Much Will This Cost Me?

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See You Inside Master Chief,




We have a couple of HD Video Tips that will be beneficial to you in becoming a much better Halo 4 Player!
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