Halo 4 Weapon Loadout For Beginners

by admin on February 6, 2013

Halo 4 Weapon LoadoutIn this post we will give you a decent loadout for beginners that centers on the DMR and some tips on how to use it effectively.

Here is the loadout we think you should pick:

Primary Weapon = DMR

Secondary Weapon = Storm Rifle

Grenade = Frag

Armor Ability = Hologram

Tactical Package = Firepower

Support Upgrade = Dexterity

How To Use This Loadout:

This loadout will suit maps that are small on Halo 4 such as the 4vs4 maps. You have the Storm Rifle which will help you on smaller maps as it is far better at closer range than the DMR.

The other thing about small maps is that you will get a lot of corners and blind spots so you have the Hologram that will give you a slight edge and also dexterity which will allow you to get your storm rifle into play quickly.

The DMR despite being medium to long range works well and has a hell of a kick.

Of course for this loadout to work you will also need the Firearms perk so you can have 2 primary weapons.

As a lot of the maps are on the smaller side this is an awesome loadout to try as a beginner and if you want to get more practice or start off slower you could swap the DMR for a standard Assault rifle until you get used to the game a little.

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Halo 4 Multiplayer Beginners Guide

by admin on January 9, 2013

Halo 4 Multiplayer Beginners GuideWelcome to the Halo 4 Guru Blog where we will be giving you some tips that you can use on Halo 4 if you are a beginner. We will start off with the basics and then move on to map strategies and making the most of the weapons.

This post will give you some general tips and tricks that you can use straight off the bat to become a better player.

Pick The Right Weapons

This can be tough when you have just started out but getting to grips with the weapons is essential if you want to become a better player. We will start off with a few weapon choices that you will have access too early in the game and the Assault Rifle is a good place to start. This gun will give you a rapid fire rate and you can also get away with the spray and pray tactic!

You can also check out the Battle Rifle which is average at everything but an awesome gun if you don’t know the maps. You will need to work out how you like to fight whether it is close range or picking people off at a distance.

If you want to try a low powered sniper gun you can try the Designated Marksman Rifle as it is a long distance weapon but is under powered, however a bit easier to control than the Sniper.

For your secondary weapon try a Magnum, or if you want something a bit more advanced you can equip a Plasma Pistol. You also have the Boltshot which is like a shotgun but it can fire five bullets at once.

Promethean Vision Massacre

For an awesome way to use Promethean Vision equip yourself the Shotgun and grab yourself the armor ability Promethean Vision. Now all you have to do is find a corridor that gets quite busy, and wait around the corner while crouching so you don’t appear on the radar.

Now just as they near the corner you can blast them full of lead. Just make sure you check behind you as well.

Know The Maps

Probably the lamest tip in any FPS is to know the maps; however it is also the MOST powerful! You need to know the maps inside and out if you want to become a better player. Concentrate on the layouts and where you can find the most useful weapons and choke points.

What you can do is go to Forge mode and you will be able to load up all 10 starting maps and have a look at them at your leisure.

Also bear in mind that the choke pints for each map don’t really move so once you know them you have a huge advantage.

Ordinance Drops

When you start getting better and racking up kills you will get Ordinance Drops. For most new players you will get a choice of speed boost, Over Shield and Damage Boost.

If you get the Damage Boost paired up with weapons like the Shotgun and SAW Machine gun you will become very powerful and have a ton of damage.

What To Do If You Really Suck!

OK, so you can’t aim and keep on getting killed? You feel that there is no hope?!

Try this:

Equip the Hardlight Shield armor ability and the Resupply tactical package and you will be able to activate the shield to keep you protected while you go into the battlefield and collect grenades.

Then you can sneak back to cover and cause destruction, just make sure you watch your back because if someone gets behind you it is instant death even if you have your shield up!

We have more tips and tricks coming but these should get you started!

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